Effective communication, both internally and externally, is a defining pillar for any business.

For businesses to stay competitive, they must look at the current set up they have for communication and ensure it meets the expectations and requirements of employees, suppliers and customers.

The way we communicate and our expectations of how others communicate with us, change over time – and currently, we’re experiencing a trend and expectation of instant answers and instant communication. This means businesses must ensure they are able to deliver messages as quickly and efficiently as possible to meet this growing demand.

The introduction of mobile phones and devices has been paramount in the ability for a business and those working for that business, to communicate quickly and effectively. Calls, texts, instant messages, emojis, emails, video calls – they can all be done from a mobile device anywhere in the world.

If your business wants to deliver high standards of communication, then chances are, it needs to leverage mobile phones and devices, at least sometimes, in the day to day operations.

But with so many mobile phones out there, and with most of us having smart phones for personal use too, what should businesses exactly look for when buying mobiles for business use?

Best Phone Devices for Business

There are 2 key elements of effective mobile phone communication in business – the device you use and the specifications of the contract/SIM deal. These 2 areas impact the hardware you use and the limitations of what you can do on the hardware.

In terms of devices, the list below includes some of the most popular brands and devices. For business use, the recommendations are all smartphones – as these give you easy connectivity and apps, as well as traditional minutes and texts.

The desired specifications and features of phones for business use, will differ from phones for personal use. Cameras, and stylish designs may not be as important, as processing speeds, apps, battery life and so on.

Here at PureComms we can recommend specific devices based on how you use a mobile in your business and ensure it meets those requirements. The best mobile phone for your business may very much depend on what you need to use it for.

iPhone – The iPhone is always a popular choice for both personal and business use. Regardless of what model you get, you can be rest assured it will have the capability and features to meet the highest demands. iPhones use Apple’s operating system, iOS, which differs to the Android operating system. This can impact apps and the way the software functions.

We often source iPads as well for our clients, as these can be very useful in numerous businesses.

Apple also make wearable technology, which can also be synced to their phones – creating the ultimate tech employee.

Samsung – Samsung has a number of popular models, such as the Galaxy S8. These devices run on Android and are often considered the main alternative to the iPhone. Each model offers different specs, depending on your needs and budget. This makes Samsung a great option for businesses that want flexibility in their devices.

The cheaper models will still have access to the same apps and systems, but may compromise on resolution, size, camera, or speed.

HTC – HTC is another popular brand, dedicated to making a range of smart phones. For anyone that wants an Android phone, HTC is another option available.

Sony – Sony also have a great range of mobile devices. The Sony Xperia range offers very competitive devices, that are regarded highly. Sony phones also boast lots of unique features and some impressive specifications on some of their higher end phones.

The latest models can sometimes be connected to the PS4 games console too – however, we’re not too sure whether that constitutes as a good feature for business use!

Data Requirements for Business Use

Data has soon become one of the first things people look at when getting a new phone contract or SIM bundle. It is the lifeblood to the internet if no WiFi is available and is certainly an important factor when thinking about the best phone deals for business use.

The amount of data someone can use on their mobile device impacts the amount of internet they can use. If employees are on the road and expected to read and send emails, then they must be given enough data.

Certain activities such as video calling or video streaming use much more data than simply browsing social media or the web, so if your employees are likely to require such features, this needs to be factored into any contracts or SIM deals.

This is where certain employees may require more data than others, so its worth talking to a telecoms provider and creating tailored requirements for your specific business.

Minutes and Texts for Business

Minutes and texts used to be the defining features of contracts, until data became so dominant in how we use mobiles. Nevertheless, for some employees, having unlimited minutes is vital. For customer facing roles, sales representatives or other roles, not getting impacted by the number of minutes they can use is important for them to do their job correctly.

For businesses with global operations or customers, it is also worth looking at international minutes and whether they are included in the contract or come at a premium.

SIM Bundle Deals for Businesses

PureComms has invested heavily in our systems so they can integrate directly into Vodafone and O2 networks.  This enables our team to provision, manage and support mobile connections in ‘real time’, giving us the edge in supporting your mobile phone estate.

In many instances, businesses may benefit from SIM bundles and deals, instead of new contracts and devices for their employees.

In these cases, employees can potentially swap the new SIM into their existing phone and use data/minutes for business and swap it back for personal use. This can be a great solution for small businesses that are looking to effectively manage their mobile data and communication in an affordable and simple way.

We can provide SIM bundles which we can activate quickly as/when required by our clients, providing businesses with flexibility around their mobile usage.

Business Communication and PureComms

We love helping businesses get the very best mobile phones and phone deals to help them achieve more in their business. From mobile phones to network infrastructure, if you’re looking for help in how your business can take advantage of telecommunications and connectivity, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

We’ve always got our finger on the pulse in terms of the best deals and hidden tricks that can save your business money when looking for mobile phones, equipment, connectivity and support.

Our award-winning services can ensure your business sees tangible results from investing in effective telecoms.

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