Internet connectivity around the world is changing, and as a telecoms provider, we’re excited to see how the developments of internet around the world can provide UK businesses with new opportunities to expand and develop.

With over 50 years combined experience, we’ve always been keen to keep our clients on the cutting-edge of developments and opportunities related to telecoms. In the last few years, we’ve seen tremendous innovation take place in the industry and this is bringing with it ample opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Better Internet Across UK

Internet around the world isn’t the only thing changing, the UK is seeing a wider adoption of internet usage, particularly on mobiles. 90% of the population use the internet, with virtually all 16-34 year olds using the internet frequently. The 65-74 age range has also continued to see a big increase in frequent internet use.

The expectations for internet speed is also becoming very high. Speeds that were considered fast 10 years ago are now considered glacial, and businesses more than individuals need to value the benefits of utilising fast broadband connections that are available.

Although we often take internet and connectivity for granted in UK, there are still areas that don’t experience a level of connectivity that people would hope for. Particularly for businesses located out of cities and towns, poor internet can be a daily struggle. If you’d like to check whether you could benefit from a faster internet connection, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team, who can discuss different options with you.

The Independent recently published a report, illustrating a quarter of UK small businesses don’t have reliable internet. Rural areas are most affected, and this can lead to obstacles in terms of growth and development for these businesses.

In another study, parts of Scotland (Orkney, Shetlands and the Highlands) were considered the worst areas for home broadband connectivity. In the South West, Purbeck, West Devon and West Somerset were low on the national list of internet speeds too. If not addressed, this could lead to an exodus of businesses and individuals in search of locations with reliable internet.

Once these more rural areas start to catch up with bigger cities and towns, we hope to see SMEs and companies from any location in the UK, benefiting from reliable internet. This provides businesses with more opportunities to expand as well as consumers being able to discover and shop for business products and services more conveniently.

For businesses struggling with disappointing connectivity, it is often beneficial to get support from a telecoms provider, to help access the internet in the most appropriate way. Here at PureComms, we offer a range of options to meet differing business needs, from businesses employing 5 employees through to 500+ and from small scale operations through to multi-site large-scale businesses. This helps ensure businesses aren’t losing out due to poor connectivity.

One of our big missions has been to help SMEs and corporations benefit from quality connectivity and telecoms here in the UK. We are confident businesses that have faster and more reliable connectivity, can do more and see faster growth than with subpar connections.

Global Internet

High speed internet isn’t just a talking point in developed countries – instead, we’re seeing a fast adoption of internet around the world, including rural areas in developing countries. Fast speeds, better connectivity, and lower latency rates means communities that have never experienced the internet, are now able to access the web and join the online community.

The realities of a more connected world, means that businesses need to be aware of a changing global dynamic. This change means businesses could face more competition, but also face more potential customers. The main outcome is simply that businesses can’t ignore what is happening and must think carefully about how their business fits into this global online community.

This isn’t only for multinational corporations to think about; all businesses will experience some type of impact. Whether services they buy can be cheaper going elsewhere, or by seriously considering the potential to export more overseas, the change of internet globally will impact us all.

As the internet has allowed for so much innovation in how businesses and individuals work and live in developed countries, as more of the globe come online, the opportunities for more innovation are likely to increase.

Currently 51% of the world’s total population has access to the internet. We can see certain areas such as the Arab States and parts of Africa seeing huge increases in internet usage in the last 10 years. Compared to average wage, costs of internet in developing countries are much higher than in developed countries, but this is likely to come down, helping more get access over time.

This increased connected world also means the way businesses communicate overseas is likely to change, as small businesses in a rural English village, can now buy products/services from all over the world. And similarly, someone in a small rural town in Asia, can discover and buy your products you’re selling from that rural English village. Those that embrace such changes, are likely to find a wealth of opportunities out there.

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As internet usage around the UK and globe continue to increase, the need for quality, fast, reliable internet has never been so important. From ADSL broadband to leased lines, we are flexible in our approach to creating the best telecoms set up for you and your business.

If you’d like to learn more about how your specific business could get set up with the best internet to suit your budget, then contact us today to chat about your requirements. We can help ensure you have the right hardware and infrastructure put in place to support the needs of your business.

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