Moving office can be a complicated task with many aspects to consider, especially IT systems. With the dependence of businesses on internet connections and phone lines, IT systems need to be carefully considered to avoid disruptions during a move.

At PureComms, top telecoms providers in the South West, we help businesses of all sizes maintain successful communications and IT systems. With an experienced team and specialised knowledge, we provide expert consultancy alongside our numerous connectivity, equipment and support services.

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If you are looking to move office and want to find ways to reduce disruptions to your IT, here are some of our top tips.

How to Move Office Without Disrupting IT

Plan Ahead

This may seem obvious, but an office move takes a lot of planning. A lot. From working out dates and team movements, to contacting utility companies and sorting all the paperwork, an office move keeps you busy.

IT is no different. You would be surprised just how long high-speed broadband or phone lines can take to connect, so don’t leave them until the last minute. If you can, start setting up the connections you need weeks or even months prior to your move to ensure everything is ready for your arrival.

Without thinking ahead, you risk having large disruptions to your IT systems and subsequent productivity when you move, directly impacting business.

Survey Your New Office

Before moving to a new office, ensure it meets your requirements. While focussing on facilities, location and size, aspects such as mobile connection may be overlooked. However, properties such as weak connection can disrupt IT and impact business in the long run.

Undertake a simple technology survey yourself while visiting the site or get a professional in. The findings may help shape your IT strategy following the move.

Contact Your IT Supplier

Talk to your telecoms provider before undertaking an office move. If you are looking to lease more equipment, expand your current abilities or need more phone capabilities, your provider needs to know. They may even adapt rates and services during the transition period to help you out.

Talking to the IT experts may give you valuable advice about how to maintain effective IT throughout the office move. If you are looking for a comprehensive telecoms provider, check out PureComms. Our extensive services and on-hand team offer the ultimate package, providing flexible and tailored contracts to suit your needs.

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Have Back Ups

There is the chance that files or data could go missing during an office move for a variety of reasons, no doubt disrupting productivity and causing a few issues. Prevent data loss through creating back-ups of important documents or files, on both hardware storage and the cloud. Losing data can be troublesome not just for work but also privacy, and therefore must be treated with upmost care.

Utilising the cloud can be a saviour to firms wanting easy access to documents from wherever, especially crucial during an office move where employees may be split across locations.

If you are new to the cloud, check out our blog post on cloud migration.

Move on a Weekend

If your business operates within regular working hours of 9-5 on weekdays, moving on the weekend can be beneficial to the smooth operation of business and IT. By moving office on days-off, customers are less likely to be affected and employees should be able to start work on Monday in their new office with relative ease.

In terms of IT, moving on the weekend means any problems can be efficiently sorted over the weekend without impacting employees and productivity. Instead of missing a day or two of calls because phone lines haven’t been set up, issues can be ironed out and tested over the off days, for example.

Work From Home

To ensure an office move doesn’t prevent work from taking place, consider giving employees laptops and mobile phones so they can work from home. Here, the cloud is especially useful in giving employees access to documents and continuing communication. As long as you prepare with plenty of time, IT disruptions should be minimal, and business should continue as normal. While the office is clear of employees, you can continue moving office with ease.

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If you are unsure as to which technology to supply to employees, PureComms can assist. We provide a range of mobile devices to supplement business and can even advise which brand is best for you.

Communicate to Customers

Be sure to keep customers in the loop. While moving office your services may be disrupted for a short period of time, and recognition of such should be given in communications. If your phone numbers or address changes, update websites, email signatures, business pages and other such platforms to ensure your customers are aware.

While your phone lines are being set up, you do not want to miss precious customer calls. Consider having calls redirected or see if you can keep the same number. Work with your telecoms provider to find solutions and make communications with customers simple.

Get Started with PureComms

If you are moving office soon or looking for a new telecoms provider, contact PureComms. Our specialist team have the technical knowledge and helpful attitude to provide expert consultancy, as well as equipment and connectivity services. We understand the pressures and demands of office moves and can assist you through every step of the way, ensuring there are minimal disruptions to IT.

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