In response to the recent growth and demand from many companies needing help in moving to remote working we have launched a brand-new home working solution – called ‘Pure Home Working’.

The idea behind ‘Pure Home Working’ is to help businesses across the UK to better adapt to the new remote ‘home’ working environment.

Rob Vivian, CEO commented: “We have seen a huge push towards remote and home working and as a telecoms provider that specialises in building bespoke packages around a client’s needs, we quickly launched the ‘Pure Home Working’ solution

‘Pure Home Working’ provides users with a dedicated broadband service to allow an exclusive “work” connection and a telephone infrastructure that supports the employee; For example, by displaying the office number on any calls so that your customers will not spot the difference to office working.

The system can connect up to 20 team members on each deal with no penalties for disconnecting people, unlike typical broadband contracts.

We have to put it to market as a framework deal where clients can sign in and connect and disconnect staff whenever they need to, it’s a really fluid system,” explained Rob. “This also allows us to offer an additional or new service to clients instead of having to replace an existing service they may have in place.

We are fortunate that despite the immense pressures of the Coronavirus pandemic our business continues to thrive. Having recently expanded our Business Development Team, taking the total number of staff to fifteen. As well as, strengthening our position as one of the leading telecoms providers in the UK.

After celebrating our 10th anniversary last year, we are on course to hit the £3million turnover mark at the end of this financial year – up significantly on previous years.

It’s absolutely vital that businesses are prepared in case of a second wave and another potential lockdown, and we are delighted that our ‘Pure Home Working’ solution is proving vital for our clients to keep working,” added Rob.

We have achieved a massive year-on-year growth thanks to marquee investments in the business and bringing on board several major, high-value clients including: IVC Evidensia, Co-op, Britannia Windows, Ascot Group, Bonhams, BWOC, Wickwar Brewing Company and Gardener Haskins.

For more information on ‘Pure Home Working’, telephone us on 0800 634 4733, email, or visit