PureComms is aware that over the coming weeks as a community we face a period of possible isolation and financial uncertainty for many people. As a business we believe we have a role to play in our community – and whilst we are limited as to what we can practically do – we have come up with a mechanism that may help certain sections of our community. We have the ability to provide mobile SIM cards to people who may have difficulty in covering the cost of their bills, or who don’t have access to such services. Right now, we believe that keeping the community communicating and supporting each other is vital. If you know someone who may struggle to access mobile communication over the next few months, we have a number of pre-loaded’ SIM cards that provide the user with calls/texts/data – completely free of charge. Please contact us and we can deliver a SIM to anyone in need.

Please either contact the office on 01275 812500 or email for assistance.

Let’s make sure we can keep in touch with all members of our society.