Our world is becoming increasingly connected, with people craving constant WiFi connection, both at home and when out and about. Whether you are a shop owner, bar manager, hairdresser, or even a small business owner, people who visit you will want to have WiFi.

We have put together this guide to Guest WiFi to help you understand its benefits, how to set it up and how it can help business. Connect with clients and engage your customers using Guest WiFi.

What is Guest WiFi?

Guest WiFi is a wireless connection for guests to use freely. Essentially, it is a separate network on your router from your private one, meaning guests can connect and get signal without comprising the safety or privacy of confidential files.

What are Benefits of Guest WiFi?

Guest WiFi has many affordances, most helping the customer, however you can reap the benefits too.

Offering Guest WiFi to your customers will keep them happy and more likely to hang around to purchase a thing or two. The more you can accommodate to the desires of your customer, the more they believe you care, and the more likely they are to give you the time of day.

Another benefit of Guest WiFi is that you can see how users spend their time online. Without stepping over any lines, this means you can get a better idea of who your customers are and what they are like. Your marketing strategy may benefit from you understanding your audience better, making you able to personalise campaigns and promotions in keeping with noticed trends.

And don’t fear, having more people connected to your WiFi does not mean it will be slower. Neither will your files be at risk. With professional advice, your Guest WiFi will be safe, secure and speedy.

How to Set Up Guest WiFi

Many routers already have the ability to host multiple local networks, allowing you to simply add Guest WiFi in your router settings. Access your router settings either by using a web browser and typing the IP address to log in as administrator or using the companion mobile app for your router. From your router settings you can change the WiFi name and password, monitor user amount, and limit access, providing you with constant control over access and safety.

Some broadband packages, most likely catered to business, have the option to include Guest WiFi as part of their package, potentially preferable for larger companies. A managed Guest WiFi from an external company still gives you the benefits of WiFi being free for guests as well as providing the data you hope to analyse. However, cost may increase with this service and it is possible to manage your Guest Wifi yourself.

A popular Guest WiFi supplement is a hotspot gateway; restricting access upon connection by allowing the customer to input details/type password/accept terms and conditions. By demanding authentication and authorisation, this gateway is a way of securing the network against hackers and data thieves. Cost of the appropriate hardware varies depending on requirements, but the investment in security is worth it.

Finally, ensure your bandwidth is up to the challenge of having more users. There is little point in suppling free Guest WiFi if it is too slow or has limited downloads preventing productivity. On the other hand, don’t give away all your bandwidth for free and give your staff/company network the majority. By increasing bandwidth, you ensure both your company and your Guest WiFi is running effectively.

Is Guest Wifi Safe?

For a business or company owner, there is little worry associated with Guest WiFi. As long as security checks are regular, password changes are constant, and users are monitored, you should be safe.

To further prevent security risks, password protect your Guest WiFi, add extra firewalls, encrypt information, and adjust the signal strength to cover just your business.

By separating your main WiFi network for staff and company members from your Guest Wifi, you are helping protect sensitive information. Additionally, you don’t have to give away your main WiFi password to simply anyone who wants a connection, helping your password stay private.

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How Can it Help Business?

Aside from initially attracting customers, providing free Guest WiFi helps a business establish itself as advanced and meeting contemporary needs. The bottom line of Guest WiFi is similar to that of business; keeping customers happy and keen to return.

For a small company, Guest WiFi could prove to be beneficial in incorporating clients in meetings, aiding internet searches and sharing files.

Getting Started with PureComms

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